Expected Impact

  • Benefit for health and well-being: new personalised interventions for increasing resilience and recovery.
  • Advancements in medical computer-modelling and simulation that takes into account time scale.
  • Supporting predictive and preventive approaches in medicine, neurosciences and life sciences.
  • Improving knowledge about well-being and association with life circumstances.

Societal benefits

  • OActive will provide better living standards and quality of life to OA patients and their families
  • New jobs creation

Financial benefits for EU

  • Direct savings for the Health system
  • Indirect savings for the EU economy by reduction of work-related losses due to sick-leave days and home-care costs
Improving the innovation capacity and the integration of new knowledge

Through the OActive project the participating partners will strengthen their innovation capacity and their contribution to the development of new technology based products in the healthcare and computational modelling sectors which will help them outsource research, increase their research efforts, extend their networks, better exploit research results and acquire technological knowhow, bridging the gap between research and innovation through European level collaboration. They will also find other opportunities based on their pooled knowledge for mutually beneficial co-operation on products for other type of diseases or applications.

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