The OActive project has a proposed duration of 36 months (3 years) and is divided into four phases which include the following activities: R&D activities (WP2-6), Validation activities (DEMO) (WP7-9), Dissemination and Exploitation Activities (DEC) (WP10), Project management activities (PM) (WP1).


Phase 1: Technology generation and experimentation

This phase of the project includes all the R&D activities for the development of the OActive personalised models implemented at various scales along with the design / development of the intervention module. The phase is finalised when all the developed models have been designed and tested in the laboratory and are ready for integration (WP2-5).

Phase 2: Integration of the developments from Phase 1 using big data

This phase involves the integration of all the developed technologies of Phase 1 (including mechanistic/phenomenological models, output information sets from various scales such as biological, social and behavioural). Big data and deep learning technologies will play a key role being the integrator of the various information sets as developed in Phase 1. Each model will be fine-tuned with the rest, and minor modifications are expected in order to optimise all the submodules to operate as a single integrated multi-scale hyper-model. In order to achieve this, the integration process runs in parallel with Phase1 giving constant feedback for modification for each sub-model.

Phase 3: Validation of the OActive system

The aim of this phase is to validate the integrated OActive system in both clinical studies/trials and big data registries. Clinical studies will also offer vital input to make any necessary adjustments before deploying the system in humans. Big data registries will be used to verify the efficiency of OActive in a large human population. The accumulated results will give feedback to Phase 2 in order to monitor the required actions and perform an evaluation of the KPIs.

Phase 4: Project Management and Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication Activities

This Phase runs the whole duration of the project in order to keep track of all the involved activities (R&D, DEMO) and take action when is required. This will ensure the smooth progress of all the R&D and demonstration activities as well as efficient planning for dissemination of the results throughout the duration of each phase.

OActive will be achieved in ten (10) WPs, as shown in the Figure below.


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