Recruitment Day Leaflet, EN
Recruitment Day Leaflet, GR
OActive Newsletter Issue 1, 2018
OActive Project brochure
OActive qr code
OActive Logo
OActive roll up
Recruitment Day Leaflet, ES
OActive Workshop, Appolonion Hospital, UNIC
OActive newsletter Issue 2, 2019
OActive review meeting press release
OActive Newsletter Issue 3, 2019
OActive 24M meeting and training poster
OActive Training Session II Agenda
OActive training II Presentations
OActive Project poster
OActive Newsletter Issue 4, 2020
OActive project flyer
OActive Workshop Agenda
OActive Conference Banner
Ethics, Data protection and Safety Manual
OActive Workshop Manual - Cluster projects
OActive workshop Manual - The OActive project
OActive poster by CERTH
OActive Newsletter Issue 5, 2021
Final Conference Agenda

OActive Project Teaser Video

OActive training II communication video

OActive training session II: Engaging End users to the OActive world

UPatras video for the Innovation Radar Prize 2019

OActive project final video

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