The OActive project is organising a training seminar aiming to “Engage end users to the OActive world“, which will be held ONLINE on 29th of May.

The training session will bring together EU and national representatives from:
– the medical care industry
– General public (Individuals, OA patients, elderly, athletes),
– Regulatory authorities (Ministries of health, organisations, orthopaedic associations, etc.)
– Research & education communities

OActive targets patient specific prediction and interventions by using a combination of biomarkers, behavioural modelling, mechanistic computational models, simulations and big data analytics. Scientists from well-established institutes around Europe (including University of Nicosia, LEITAT, KULeuven, Smartex, Liverpool John Moores University, CERTH, University of Patras, RIMED) will give lectures during the training. Participants will be able to raise questions to the panel of experts.

To attend the training please follow the above link to register until 28th of May 2020.

For registration visit here

Participants will be able to attend the meeting for FREE. The training will be organized via an online platform, which will be provided upon registration.

For more information take a look at the agenda: 


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