Project ID: 777159

Funded under: SC1-PM-17-2017 – Personalised computer models and in-silico systems for well-being

OActive is a new Research and Innovation action (RIA) project funded by the EU’s Framework Programme “Horizon 2020” and has launched on 1st of November 2017. OActive has built a strong case following Osteoarthritis (OA) -related challenges, to design a project covering all aspects of technical, medical and user requirements. To do that a total of thirteen (13) EU-based partners have brought together from seven (8) Member states. The consortium comprises of (i) well known research organisations (LJMU, CERTH, UPAT and RIMED) with wide expertise in OA modelling at various scales (full body, organ, neuromuscular and tissue level), (ii) technology providers in the field of biochemical and inflammatory biomarkers (LEITAT, NIC), (iii) organisations active in Social Sciences and Humanities and behaviour analysis (TIMELEX, KU LEUVEN) being responsible for investigation the effect of socioeconomical risk factors in OA and ethics, (iv) Computer science experts such as CERTH and CETRI , (v) research oriented SMEs with dissemination, exploitation skills (AXIA and CETRI) and (vi) big medical institutions (ANIMUS and HULAFE) acting as the end-users of the project.

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